International Recruitment

Looking for and finding qualified employees abroad

The lack of skilled workers increases. The local job-market is deserted. Enterprises have difficulties in filling their vacancies. This is a waste of time, sales volume and profit and it impairs the further business development. Thus, enterprises, work agencies as well as associations and personnel-consulting agencies are looking for new ways to make working in Germany attractive for specialists and junior members- particularly in the MINT professions.

Weider AG and Anschütz personnel management have the chance to win qualified employees over for German enterprises in the engineering, technology and computer science area by contact partners in the Ukraine. Since May 2012 numerous restrictions have been discontinued in the professional immigration. As a consequence, the process of the work and residence permit has been simplified considerably for foreign workers.

Weider AG and Anschütz personnel management can offer an exclusive service for the search for qualified employees from the Ukraine. We supported interested enterprises from the first contact with the candidates until their incorporation into the professional environment in Germany.

Which is the target group?

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